We're more curious than ever to learn new ways to prevent sickness and boost our immune system. Add these 14 simple items to your health arsenal to protect yourself against picking up bacteria and viruses.  

Especially #14... definitely get one of those.  


Tahitian Noni Juice 

tahitian noni juice

Made from the noni fruit grown in nutrient-dense volcanic soil in French Polynesia, this superfood supplement is packed with more than 150 nutrients, including vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. It's a super-simple addition to your everyday schedule, and yes, use it regularly! This Tahitian Noni Juice in particular is clinically proven to boost your immune system up to 30% with frequent use.  

Add noni to help prevent sickness especially if you experience high levels of stress, are prone to catching colds, feel tired all the time, or take a long time to heal wounds - all signs of a weakened immune system! 


Hand Sanitizer 

hand sanitizer

A personal on-the-go bottle of hand sanitizer should be as commonplace as car keys. In fact, many come with a plastic loop to attach to a keyring. The moral is: Never leave home without hand sanitizer. A health expert at the University of Toronto said, "[Hand sanitizer] works exceedingly well for most bacteria and viruses. It reduces the skin burden of bacteria much more effectively than soap and water and the number of bacteria on the skin tends to remain lower for much longer than when soap and water are used. It also tends to be less damaging to skin because it has built-in emollients." 

If all the on-the-go bottles are sold out, buy a large hand sanitizer and refill a travel-sized shampoo bottle to throw in your bag.   


Anti-Nail Biting Pen  

nail biting pen

One of the quickest ways to get sick is by biting your nails. When we touch our mouths with our hands, we transfer viruses and bacteria picked up around the world- from doors to sinks, steering wheels, cellphones, anything. Experts say, "Nail-biters get colds, gastrointestinal infections, and skin rashes more frequently." 

Being mindful about touching your mouth is step number one, but some habits like nail-biting occur subconsciously. Outsmart instinct by getting an anti-nail biting pen (it looks like a regular highlighter!). One pen runs about $15 on Amazon. Simply brush the invisible bitter formula onto the nails and cuticles. You can't smell the formula but oh boy can you taste it. Lesson learned: get your fingers away from your mouth.  


Running Shoes 

running shoes

Research from the US suggests the most significant lifestyle factor that reduces colds and sickness is how much you exercise. Also, how fit we perceive ourselves to be. In which case, buy the most top-of-the-line, high-tech running shoes and take them out for a spin around the block. This same study suggests five or more days a week is optimal to reap the benefits of exercise as sickness prevention.  

Instead of heading to the gym, double up on prevention power by opting outside for your jog. Spending time in nature reduces stress- a major factor in supporting your immune system and decreasing susceptibility to viruses. Plus, you'll be huffing fresh spring air and avoiding the germ minefield of treadmills and weight machines.  

If you do decide to check into a health club, wipe down machines before and after use.  



volvic water

Sticking to everyday health practices can decrease the likelihood of catching something nasty. The easiest is drinking plenty of water. When we keep the body hydrated, we strengthen its natural functions. For instance, proper hydration keeps the mucous membrane in our nose from drying out. When we're dehydrated and the membrane is dry, it's not as effective at blocking bacteria and viruses.  

Set yourself up for success by grabbing a six-pack of natural spring water. Throw a bottle in the car, one in your bag, one at your desk, in your gym bag, and the fridge. That leaves one to drink immediately.  



xing craft

But really, stay hydrated. If you're prone to get bored with water, don't reach for a soda or sugary coffee (both of which do nothing for your immune system). Grab a ready-to-drink iced tea with 0 preservative and 0 artificials. Green, black, and white teas made with natural ingredients and herbs give the body antioxidants to protect cells from damage. Plus, if you're starting to get sick, antioxidants can ease symptoms of the cold or flu.  


Eye Mask 


You think we meant face mask but nope, eye mask. Just a couple of hours of sleep can make a huge difference when it comes to preventing sickness. Getting five or six hours of sleep a night makes us four times more likely to get sick when exposed to a virus. Some experts believe sleep is the best preventive step you can take to avoid a cold. Hence, the eye mask.  

Make your snoozing count by decreasing exposure to light and noise during sleep. The Sleep Foundation said researchers found the use of eye masks and earplugs to promote better sleep and hormone balance, thanks to increased REM time.  


Stay Home Notes  

stay home cards

How do you *politely* tell a sick coworker to go home? Buy a small stack of stay home/feel better notes and write one out the next time an officemate tries infecting the water cooler. One of the simplest ways to avoid spreading sickness is to not, well, spread the sickness. If you know someone is sick, encourage them to stay home or speak to your manager and hand off the notes to them.  

There is no shame in working from home if it means protecting and respecting the health of your coworkers.  


Blue Light Blocking Glasses 

blue light glasses

Similar to the Anti-Nail Biting Pen, wearing glasses can remind you to stop touching your eyes. The rule of thumb when preventing sickness is to keep your hands away from your eyes, mouth, and nose. Wearing sunglasses all day may garner you a reputation for being an a**hole, so choose clear blue light blocking glasses instead.   

Nonprescription and affordably priced, blue light glasses have unnoticeable filters in the lenses that absorb blue light emitted from screens. Bonus: it'll reduce eye strain. Blue light waves can also keep you awake if you're working late, messing with sleep health and reducing your ability to prevent sickness.  



bucha kombucha

Kombucha is a sparkling tea famous for having good-gut probiotics. Immune health and our ability to fight off the cold and flu are directly linked to our gut health. In other words, probiotics help combat sickness. Just remember: the healthier your tummy, the less you'll feel crummy.  


Smartphone Sanitizer 

smartphone sanitizer

Not the same as wiping down your phone with a disinfectant sheet, a smartphone sanitizer uses UV-C light to kill germs. Place your phone into the little box and let the light wash away the nastiness. UVC has been popularly used in sterilizing devices in hospitals, as it eliminates almost all the germs and bacteria by destroying DNA & RNA.  

Keep in mind, you can't see the bacteria on your phone, but there are roughly 25k bacteria per square inch.  


Zinc Lozenges 

Zinc Lozenges

We've heard of taking more vitamin D and vitamin C, but doubling down on zinc may be the real trick. If you're beginning to feel wonky or were exposed to someone who is sick, take a simple zinc lozenge. Zinc helps some viruses from multiplying and can stop the spread from penetrating the throat and nose. Lozenges are best because the substance remains in the throat where the virus first made contact.  

WebMD says studies confirm zinc lozenges can reduce how long a cold lasts while diminishing upper respiratory infections in kids.  




Before you have to learn the hard way, buy a humidifier and use it religiously. Place it by the bed, tv, sofa, or even at the office. Why? Flu germs love dry air, so by boosting humidity you're preventing these germs from surviving.  

If you do happen to catch something, use a humidifier to ease a respiratory infection. But remember to clean your humidifier regularly and use cool water.  




Ok, not a "simple" item, but studies show having a pet lowers stress levels and supports your immune system. Dog owners have lower mortality in general. It's even better for your immune system to grow up with animals. Animals carry different types of bacteria so they strengthen the immune system as it's developing.  

Owning a puppy can also get you moving more and spending time outdoors!


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