Volvic® is a premium spring water you can buy at the grocery store or online. However, it's unlike any other water on the shelf. Volvic is naturally filtered through porous volcanic rock in the lush Auvergne Volcanic Region of France- an area that is protected as a UNESCO World Heritage Natural Site. 


That's right, this water is made from ancient volcanoes in one of the most pristine regions on the planet.

The volcanic filtration process is distinct from other water brands because it naturally infuses minerals and electrolytes into the water.

Known around the world for its volcanic filtration and balanced pH of 7, here's what makes Volvic Natural Spring Water so much more than ordinary H2O

Water Made From Powerful Volcanoes 

About 13,500 years ago, a massive 20-volcano eruption occurred in the Auvergne region of France. This is a region scattered with volcanoes and nestled in the heart of the country. The ancient eruption filled the land with a layer of magma, which then became unique porous bedrock.

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The rock created a natural filter that rain and snowfall flow through. 

All Volvic Water goes through this natural filter.

It Takes 5 Years to Filter 

Yep, five whole years! 

During those five years, pure rain and snow filter down through six layers of volcanic rock. Volvic doesn't rush the natural process and instead focuses on protecting the landscape and biodiversity.

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The 5-year natural filtration process ensures Volvic's water purity and imparts a specific mineral composition, making it one of the most unique and naturally-enhanced waters on earth.

Naturally Enhanced with Minerals & Electrolytes

When water flows slowly through porous volcanic rock, minerals and electrolytes naturally infuse into the water. Aka, you don't have some guy in a lab adding electrolytes to tap water.

By the end of filtration, Volvic water has balanced minerality and contains minerals that are completely natural. By that we mean made by nature and infused by nature. 

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These minerals also occur naturally in fruits, vegetables, and the body!

Volvic's mineral composition includes (mg/L) Calcium 12, Sulfates 9, Magnesium 8, Potassium 6, Bicarbonates 74, Silica 32, and Chlorides 15.

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  • Potassium is also found in bananas, oranges, and spinach.
  • Sodium is found in beets and celery.
  • Nitrate is naturally found in garlic, leafy greens, and pomegranates. 
  • Chloride is in edible seaweed, tomatoes, and lettuce
  • Magnesium is also found in kale and broccoli.
  • Silica can be found in mangoes and spinach.
  • Sulfate is found abundantly in soil! (Totally different from "sulfites.")
  • Calcium is found in almonds, yogurt, and broccoli.
  • And Bicarbonate is an element found in the body that is necessary for digestion!

A Perfectly Fresh and Crisp Taste

Minerals and natural filtration give Volvic Water its unique taste. The experience is earthy, crisp, fresh, and clean. Volvic Water also has a balanced pH of 7.

... It's no wonder nature creates perfectly balanced water. 

From a UNESCO Protected Site

The Grand Canyon and Acropolis are a few examples of UNESCO World Heritage Natural Sites. The first-ever UNESCO site named in France Metropolitan is the Auvergne Volcanoes Regional Park- home to the town of Volvic (where the water gets its name), and the natural spring where the water is sourced and tapped. 

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As you might suspect, the Auvergne region is an absolute wonder and was originally recognized by UNESCO for its exceptional geological landscape. Imagine lush and vibrant hills and dormant volcanoes as far as the eye can see.

Cares About Protecting Biodiversity

Coming from such a pristine source, Volvic Water pledges to never tap more water than nature can replenish. 

Volvic takes responsibility for preserving the lush environment of its catchment area, which is home to unique biodiversity of plants and animals. For instance, Volvic collaborates with the French Society for the Protection of Birds and is involved in protecting red kites, a bird of prey that is now endangered.

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For this work, Volvic received the first skills-based sponsorship trophy award by the Ministry for Ecology in 2010. 

A committee was also formed to partner with municipalities in the Volvic catchment area. Its mission is to implement environmental protection and smart local development. It's called The Environmental Committee for the Protection of the Volvic Catchment Area (CEPIV). 

Sold in 65+ Countries

Volvic Water is a staple around the world and shares its volcanic mineral water with 65 countries. 

Throughout the globe, you can find Volvic Water in Germany, France, the UK, Belgium, Greece, Haiti, Jordan, Japan, Lebanon, Malaysia, Netherlands, Norway, Oman, Panama, Puerto Rico, Singapore, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Thailand, the US, and more!

Plus it's Kosher Certified 

It's also worth mentioning, Volvic Water is Kosher Certified and uses 100% recyclable bottles and caps. 

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Volvic Water is so much more than plain H20. It's a natural wonder made by mother nature. We love Volvic's commitment to preserving its landscape and the trust they put in the earth, bringing us some of the most naturally-enhanced water this planet has to offer.

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