In the past, soda was treated as a dessert. Today, it's considered normal to drink soda with every meal. 

It's not news that soda is terrible for our health. Research links soda consumption to obesity, tooth decay, diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease. With so much processed sugar, chemicals, and synthetic caffeine, soda is a toxic habit we can all benefit from breaking.

Quit soda once and for all, swapping it with a functional beverage like sparkling kombucha, tea, or mineral water. 

Following these 7 tips to kick a soda addiction for good...

1. Seek out a Healthy Alternative

When cigarette smokers decide to quit, they know not to go cold turkey. Instead, they use nicotine gum and patches to ease the withdrawal symptoms. Similarly, quitting soda can make you crave sugar and carbonation. Look for a healthy alternative like naturally carbonated kombucha to enjoy when a craving hits. Kombucha also contains immunity-boosting probiotics that can help reduce sugar cravings. 

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Búcha Live Kombucha, for example, is a delicious kombucha that mimics the fizzy texture of soda. Plus, live probiotics have a positive impact on gut health and the immune system. Bonus: the flavors are organic, natural, and yummy! Try Yuzu Lemon, Raspberry Pomegranate, or Guava Mango and quitting soda will be easy. 

You can also outsmart cravings by keeping your mouth busy with gum, a toothpick, or sugar-free mints.

So much of our food and drink addictions are based on physical habits. Outsmart them and get over the hump! Soon, you'll make new, healthy habits.  

2. Remove Soda from the House

When something is in the house, whether it's a piece of cake, a bag of chips, or a 12-pack of soda, the temptation is there. Dump soda in the trash or down the sink. Don't feel bad about wasting... this product is not helping you and won't help anyone else. 

One of the easiest ways to stop drinking soda is to remove it from your life. Of course, you'll see it at the grocery store, gas station, and work fridge, but stop buying it completely. If you don't have soda, you can't drink it. 

If you're tempted at the grocery store, that's ok! It's a natural response. After all, soda companies intentionally make their products addicting.

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Before adding soda to your cart, move to the next aisle, drink a bottle of water, and breathe. Look at a photo of someone who will benefit from you quitting soda. The urge will pass. By allowing cravings to occur and expire without acting, you build willpower. 

If you have a roommate or someone else in the house who buys soda, simply talk to them. Sharing your goal may inspire them to get healthier, and at the very least they will respect your openness and communication. 

3. Recruit a Health Buddy

Letting go of any toxic relationship is easier when you have a buddy or partner cheering you on. Enlist the help of a friend or loved one, or inspire a health buddy to join you cause and quit soda. You'll benefit from a caring support system and measure of accountability. 

Working together to quit soda can be fun. Try new smoothie cafes, finally order kombucha and give it a taste. Explore healthy alternatives and talk about how you're both doing, sharing coping mechanisms and funny craving stories. 

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Researchers say we instinctually mirror the eating and drinking habits of our friends, so surround yourself with buddies that prefer sparkling water and coffee to soda. 

4. Research the Negative Health Effects

Have you ever Googled a pain or injury? A terrifying medical diagnosis pops up and you start freaking out. Try that with soda.

If you're having trouble getting the sweet side of soda from your mind, research the negative effects. Dig into research publications, real-life customer horror stories, and the straight facts. The image of soda will quickly change and you won't want to drink it. 

In essence, scare yourself straight by doing in-depth research on all the negative health effects.

For example, people who drink soda on a regular basis are 26 percent more likely to be diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. Men who drink only one soda a day are 20 percent more likely to develop heart disease and have a heart attack.

Soda also erodes teeth.

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Happy Googling...

5. Eat Lots of Healthy Food & Indulge

Instead of drinking your calories, save up for an indulgent dessert or gourmet meal at a new restaurant. Soda may seem inexpensive but the cost adds up. Channel that extra money into wholesome, nutritious foods and truly worth-it treats. 

Eating healthy throughout the day keeps you full, hydrated, and balanced. You won't experience the extreme highs and lows of sugar and caffeine consumption. 

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Fruits and vegetables are perfect go-to foods you can snack on all day. They provide your body with nutrients, hydration, minerals, and are satisfying to nosh on. Eating more real foods can even make the taste of soda less enticing.

Try downloading a food and drink tracking app on your phone to make sure you're hitting nutrition requirements each day. 

6. Be Mindful of the Cycle... and Break It

Soda is engineered to mess with our minds and bodies. The sweetness in soda releases opioids in our brains as soon as it touches the tongue. This is why after a stressful day a soda promises relief. It lights up the brain with a treat response.

Simply put, soda can make you feel good even as it wreaks havoc on your health.

But your mind is more powerful. 

Notice moments, locations, and events that trigger soda cravings. Begin to minimize those triggers from occurring in the first place and have a coping mechanism in place to get through them. Stock the car with shelf-stable kombucha that doesn't require refrigeration. During a rush-hour craving, crack open a booch. 

7. Carry a Water Bottle

When you have a water bottle on hand, you can reduce soda cravings immediately by taking a sip of H2O. Most of us crave sugar and caffeine because our bodies need hydration. Hydration gives us energy and keeps the body regular. 

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Plain water doesn't cut it for you? Make carbonated water and store it in your water bottle. Fill the bottle with tea, coffee, or mix it up based on how you feel. 

A water bottle means you always have a drink on hand, so you never need soda. Pick a bottle you like and that makes you feel good!

With These Tips on How to Quit Drinking Soda, You Can Kick the Habit for Good. 

Now that you know how to quit drinking soda, share these tips with a bestie or family member and ask them to be your health buddy! 

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