Subscriptions are the gifts that keep on giving. Either in physical boxes conveniently delivered every month, or through access to unlimited wellness content, you can spread health with a fun subscription gift this year. 

These presents are perfect for loved ones who have trouble making it to the grocery store, mall, or gym. Hand-pick the perfect healthy subscription gift from our list of 10 favorites.

Tip: You won't package these subscriptions in a box under the tree so write out a card and include delivery details and logins. Add that this subscription is gifted for one healthy, happy year.

#1. Personalized Vitamins


Is your bestie obsessed with designer foods and kale smoothies? It's safe to say she loves experimenting with ways to biohack her nutrition for optimal health. Get her a personalized vitamin subscription. Fill out a questionnaire with her (or by yourself- you're best friends, after all), and experts will design a unique vitamin regimen just for her. Delivered in a pack of tear-and-go sleeves, she'll feel extra loved and super excited to test out this health trend.

#2. Kombucha, Tea, and Water

kombucha gift

People are having a romance with functional beverages. That's because drinks like organic tea, probiotic kombucha, and mineral water give us hydration with an added wellness kick. Take the grunt work out of lugging cases from the grocery store and get loved ones a beverage subscription service. Each month, they hand-pick an assortment of their favorite kombucha, energy tea, relaxation tea, and mineral water to stay stocked up on healthy (shelf-stable) drinks. It may seem unorthodox- beverages as a holiday gift?- but this present allows for month-by-month curation, is an opportunity to try new healthy drinks, and even strengthens New Year's Resolutions to quit soda and drink more water. Win-win-win.

#3. Healthy Food Snacks

healthy snacks

Today there are subscription boxes for every kind of snacker. Protein-lovers, raw food only, vegan, paleo. Because who doesn't love snacks? For your vegan friend or hardcore paleo boss, gift them with a monthly snack delivery. The products change every time so it's always a delightful surprise. This gift is also perfect for introducing family members to healthier options without being, well, rude. Honestly, chickpea puffs taste better than cheesy cornmeal snacks.

#4. Book Box

book box

Why do we all want we read more but find it hard to get started? One, it can be daunting to choose a book and two, you don't have a book subscription box. These gifts come every month with a new book and other reading accessories like cozy socks and dark chocolate. It's all about setting the mood and diving into a story. With this gift, you're also giving the benefits stress reduction, memory improvement, stronger writing skills, improved focus and concentration, and mental stimulation.

#5. Meat


You heard us right, meat! Dad will be giddy as a kid on Christmas morning receiving his monthly package of 100% grass-fed and free-range meat. There are a bunch of different meat subscription boxes but they all come with a curated selection of high-quality proteins and cuts, personally taste-tested and approved by the box brand. Some of the healthiest, protein-packed meats like Bison and Chicken are included, and dad can spend more time doing dad-things and less time trying to navigate a Whole Foods.

#6. Outdoor, Hiking, & Camping Gear

outdoor gear

Gear is to outdoor lovers like kitchen equipment is to chefs. They live and breathe for new tools and tech that makes camping and hiking more enjoyable. With an outdoor subscription box, a curated assortment of about three-to-six pieces of gear arrives every month or quarter. The products are full-size and outdoor tested so you know it's all best-in-class. Think protein bars, tree hammocks, full-sized adventuring backpacks, outdoor shower wipes, stream water filters, and more. Because we can all use more excuses to play outside.

#7. Fitness Classes & Personal Training


Streaming quality workout classes from home is a blessing for people who can't make it to the gym. Whether they're always traveling, have to stay home with children, or live far from a health club, a fitness subscription service is a perfect gift. Choose from a slew of options that include live classes, personal training advice, goal-setting, and even nutrition tips (most are all accessable via apps!). Pair this gift with a yoga mat to use on hardwood living room floors.

#8. Toothbrush Refills


Toothbrushes aren't exciting like a new bike but they are essential to everyday life. Plus, good oral hygiene reduced infection and inflammation throughout the entire body. Do the smart thing and give your significant other a toothbrush subscription service that comes with a toothbrush, holder, special toothpaste, and added gifts like mouthwash, brightening kits, and floss. Choose from a high-tech box or one with only organic products.

#9. Gym Outfits

gym outfit

For the friend that exercises in a college sweater, give their workout and confidence a boost with new gym outfits created by athletes and paired by stylists. Sweat-wicking fabrics, compression designs, and shoes with legitimate cushion make all the difference. Get them into the habit of looking forward to the gym. Bonus: Since 'athleisure' is a style, many athletic pieces can be paired with work-wear for the office.

#10. Eco-Friendly Products

eco-friendly products

A sustainable mix of hand soap, dish detergent, and other household cleaning supplies are included in eco-friendly subscription boxes. Making it easy and fun to try new, sustainable, and green products, these boxes are for the clean freak in your life... or perhaps the messy one. Test out grassroots brands while decreasing the harmful chemicals your loved one is exposed to.

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