As Black Friday deals gear up and New Year Resolutions are on the horizon, it's the perfect season to ask for and give gifts that inspire health. Wellness is at the forefront of our lives and people are more open to trying new drinks, equipment, and healthy accessories... even grandma can benefit from an oil diffuser- #9 on our Healthy Gift Guide.

From fitness trackers to face masks, shop this Healthy Holiday Gift Guide and treat everyone on your list to wellness and health.

#1. Camping Tent


With camping season long-gone, winter is the perfect season to snag great deals on tents and outdoor gear. Surprise your significant other with a new tent, giving you both something to look forward to come spring. Heck, set up the tent inside on Christmas night, drink hot chocolate, and pretend you're in nature. Getting outside can promote health and happiness but so can turning off the tv and snuggling. 

#2. Fitness Tracker

fitness tracker

Get those steps in before holiday dinner! If you or a family member hasn't jumped on the wearable wagon, now is the time. In 2017 more than half of Americans used a fitness tracker on a daily basis and that's because they work! Not only do fitness trackers double as watches but they can inspire more movement every day. Set your goal mileage and celebrate when the buzzer goes off. Many trackers also record sleep patterns, heart rate, calories burned, and remind you to stand every hour. Wearables have evolved from the boxy pedometers to modern, stylish bands so they don't look uber sporty. Unless you're into that aesthetic, in which case pick one made for athletes.

#3. Bento Lunch Boxes

bento box

Packing lunch is a healthy habit we can all do more. Brining a Tupperware of complex carbs, protein, vegetables, and fruit can eliminate greasy grab-and-go food from drive-throughs and food trucks. A Bento Box can also keep sudden blood sugar drops in check without reaching for the vending machine. Replacing a dozen plastic or glass containers, one Bento Box is divided by separate portions and fits every course. This way the pasta doesn't touch the chocolate, and chocolate stays away from the cucumbers.

#4. Indoor Garden

indoor garden

Grow fresh herbs in your urban apartment with an indoor microgarden. Short on counter space? Try a wall garden - yep, they exist and add a pop of greenery to your room. Travel often? Try an aerogarden with automatic lighting and a self-feeding timer. A sprinkle of fresh herbs can infuse a meal with higher antioxidant levels compared to processed or dried herbs.

#5. Bamboo Sheets

bamboo sheets

Mood, immunity, and even allergies hinge on what happens between the sheets. Organic bamboo bedding may look similar to ordinary sheets but this sustainable bedding is hypoallergenic and antibacterial. Plus, no more night sweats. Bamboo sheets keep you cool in the summer, cozy in the winter, and pull moisture from the bed. This reduces the appearance of dust mites (ew) and can improve allergies. Add a silk sleep mask to your bamboo set for a gift that promotes restorative sleep.

#6. Foam Roller

foam roller

Friends who groan about back pain and stiff muscles are begging for a foam roller. Made of tough foam, rolling muscles over this massage tool can relieve muscle soreness, relax the body, correct muscle imbalances, and lengthen muscles. Also called self-myofascial release, foam rolling is a low-maintenance health practice that transforms the body and how it moves.

#7. Board Game

board game

What is this, the 90s? Harvard Health recommends a board game as one of the ultimate healthy gifts to give this season. Their reasoning: Board games promote more time with loved ones, engage the mind, and reduce time huddled around the TV. If you're thinking the only options are Clue or Candyland, think again. Tons of great new adult board games are being created today and conveniently sold in big box stores.

#8. Gym Outfit

gym outfit

The right clothes can inspire a tougher workout... or a trip to the gym, period. Give the gift of a head-to-toe gym outfit that gets your giftee excited to move and sweat. Start with a merino wool top for sweat-wicking and moisture management, add athletic undergarments, compression leggings, sport socks, and a new pair of techy shoes. Having trouble choosing an outfit? Try a subscription service that pairs leggings with tanks and sports bras every month. Hello, motivation and goodbye stinky, stained cotton.

#9. Oil Diffuser

oil diffuser

We think of 'health' as treadmills and kettlebells but what about the other 23 hours of the day spent outside the gym? A minimalist oil diffuser can be used at the office or in the home, emitting a stream of vaporized essential oil that eases mood, lowers stress hormones, and enhanced focus. This all depends on the oil (i.e. Lime, Lavender, Peppermint, Orange, Cedarwood, Clove, etc.). Dispersing an essential oil into the air also purifies it, killing bacteria. Grab one for a co-worker for a truly happy holiday (and no more stressed emails).

#10. Fitness Mirror

fitness mirror

On the pricier side, one of the latest fitness trends transforms an ordinary bedroom or closet mirror into a fitness class. What at first appears as a vertical mirror transforms into a home gym with you, your instructor, and other classmates in the reflection. Sort of crazy but it makes group fitness accessible after rolling out of bed. On-demand workouts are available 24 hours a day for early risers, mid-day hustlers, or night owls.  

#11. Face Mask

face mask

It's tempting to grab a deck of drugstore face masks but resist the temptation and splurge on one lavish molecular cosmetic face mask. With dozens online, opt for a moisturizing and brightening mask that stimulates collagen production, reduces fine lines, and gives your skin a much-needed hydration boost. Look for ones endorsed by doctors and made with ingredients like Aloe Vera and Chamomile. Giving as a gift? Be safe and look for a mask for extra-sensitive skin.  

#12. Produce Bag Set

produce bags

Toss a produce bag set in your parents' stocking and do your part to help them cut back on single-use plastic at the grocery store. Look, you got one too! Produce bags made of reusable organic cotton or mesh are a simple way to keep the planet healthier. Doing good for the environment makes you feel good too.

#13. Spa Trip

spa trip

Waking up on New Year's day with a champagne headache may not be how you and your loved ones want to ring in 2020. Instead of a NYE party, book a visit to a local wellness resort and spa. Swap shots for wheatgrass and city walking for deep-tissue massages. Wake up to the new year with a relaxed and rejuvenated mind and body.

Expert tip: take advantage of deals around the holidays. Resorts offer dedicated spa packages that span everything from dining to excursions and treatments.

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