Flash brewed tea is a brewing method that blends old and new techniques in a celebration of authentic flavor and nutrients. With no artificial additives, no preservatives, and a cleaner recipe, flash brewed tea is arguably the best tasting, most nutritious tea available. 

Used to make high-quality ready-to-drink (RTD) tea, here are the amazing traits that result from the flash brewed process. 

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1. Fewer Ingredients 

When it comes to food and drinks, less is more. Fewer ingredients mean cleaner recipes that tend to hold more nutritional value and zero additives.

By brewing hot for a very short amount of time and then chilling fast, the technique of flash brewing eliminates the need for preservatives and chemical flavors. 

Traditionally, preservatives and flavor additives are used to keep products from spoilage and to enhance the taste. Flash brewed eliminates these extra nonessential ingredients and instead you get flavorful REAL tea. (Even in RTD bottles!)

2. Higher Temperature, Shorter Time

It's easy to understand flash brewing when we compare it to another technique called hot filling.

Commonly used to brew RTD tea, during a hot fill process tea is heated for an extended period. That heat releases nutrients and flavor, but the longer it's heated the more it zaps nutrients and taste right out of the tea. Hot fill teas rely on additives to protect their last remaining nutrients and fake flavors to give the tea, well, a real tea taste. 

Flash brewing heats tea at a higher temperature to release the deepest expression of flavor, then quickly cools it. The tea is brought to room temperature to protect the boldest nutrients and taste from being lost. 

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3. It's Rare 

Why don't all tea companies use flash brewed? Well, the process is more expensive and requires unique technology and facilities that are not as common as hot filling. Hot fill is inexpensive and used commonly in the production of sugary fruit juices, sodas, and pre-made tea. 

4. Made Like Grandma

Taking a note from Grandma, flash brewed tea like Nestea Flash Brewed are made with a nod to tradition and steeped in real kettles. Again, this process is more expensive, which stops many brands from investing in the method. However, the taste is undeniably better. 

Let's be real, tea is all about the taste! Just ask Memaw. 

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5. More Flavor

Speaking of better taste, since flash brewed is a more expensive and rare brewing method, it usually means the tea being used is of higher quality. At Nestea, the star of their Flash Brewed tea is intensely aromatic and high-quality tea sourced from the famed Nilgiri region of India. This high-altitude area is known around the world for producing some of the most flavorful tea on the planet.  

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Nestea also makes sure 100% of its Nilgiri tea is Rainforest Alliance Certified, meaning their small farm tea growers use practices that are safe and respectful for workers and the environment. 

6. Better Texture

We forget how important the perfect, smooth tea texture is when we open a bottle of tea gone gunky.

Flash brewing protects the texture of RTD tea so that throughout its shelf-life the tea maintains integrity. It's that 'ahhh' moment.   

7. Overall More Natural and Authentic

Tea is the best when it's made simply, has more nutrients, and truly natural and delicious flavor. Flash brewing has managed to produce tea with all three traits for a healthier drink we love to enjoy.  

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Why drink a tea with high fructose corn syrup and preservatives when you could have flash brewed? Grab it already made and packaged for on-the-go.