Refresh and celebrate today. Or as Coco Libre Sparkling says, Pop it like Champagne!  

Coco Libre Sparkling Coconut Water is beautifully simple and satisfying: Carbonation + Coconut Water (and a little green tea antioxidants).  

We turn potassium-rich coastal coconut water into a fizzy drink that feels more satisfying, with a splash of real fruit juice to excite tropical flavors. Extra healthful antioxidants from green tea are a sweet bonus. 

coco libre sparkling #It's Hydration + Health + Woah, This is Delicious. 

Our Sparkling Coconut Water is low-calorie, but that shouldn't matter. We don't believe in "good," "bad," or "cheat" foods. In fact, Coco Libre Sparkling doesn't believe in zero-calories. Calories are energy!  

Coco Libre Sparkling is only 40 calories because that's how the ingredients exist naturally. We celebrate the few calories we do have because they're real, natural, and nutritious.   

Coco Libre Sparkling is a way to celebrate everyday life with a satisfying, hydrating treat. Join the Coco Libre movement and if any of your gang say they need zero-calorie, tell them they're coco and need to #GetLibre.

Embrace your free, full-energy self with naturally-occurring electrolytes, potassium, vitamin C, and antioxidants in Coco Libre Sparkling. You deserve to be exuberant and enjoy the taste of real food and drinks, which is why Coco Libre Sparkling is made with naturally-delicious ingredients.  

Coconutty sweetness from young coastal coconuts gets a tropical boost with natural 100% pure fruit juices like Watermelon, Lime, Melon Grapefruit, Passion Mangosteen, and Peach Pear. Since we use real everything, our flavors are balanced and forward on the palate.

Add to the party a little bubbly CO2 and it feels like you're drinking champagne.  

You work hard, aim high, and care deeply. Celebrate you with Coco Libre Sparkling. Pop that bubbly! Here is the magic that goes into making Coco Libre Sparkling...   

Low-Calorie (But Who Cares?) 

Since we don't focus on calories, the skinny is that Coco Libre Sparkling is low-calorie at only 40 per 11 oz can. These calories come from real coastal coconut water and real fruit juice. In the end, we let natural calories exist in their beautiful, energetic form. That means Coco Libre Sparkling has no added sugar (save it for the chocolate chip cookie).  

Pop it Like Champagne 

With a burst of fizzy bubbles, Coco Libre Sparkling has all the thirst-quenching "ahhh" of sparkling water, with the health perks of coconut water. Deserving of a good hair-flip. Taking the 'sparkling' from our sparkling water addictions and our obsession with all-things coconut, Coco Libre Sparkling is a crisp blend of sweet coconut water and hydrating carbonation to satisfy thirst and flat-out taste yummy. It's a match made in hydration heaven.  


Electrolytes, Potassium, & Antioxidants 

Since coconut water has naturally-occurring electrolytes and potassium, so does Coco Libre Sparkling. We don't cut down the power of our coconut water because we want all those good-for-you nutrients. A healthful 310 mg of potassium are in each can, coupled with 13 mg of green tea polyphenol antioxidants. These naturally occur in fruits like berries and apples (and even vegetables!).  

... Plus Vitamin C 

With 33% of your daily Vitamin C in one can, Coco Libre Sparkling is ALL about brightening your day. This immunity-boosting extra sumptin is our way of promoting a naturally energetic and radiant you. Forget the Vitamin C facial mist. Glow from within.  

coco libre sparkling

Naturally Sweet Coconuts 

You know how puppies are sweet? Young coconuts are sweet too. (More than mature coconuts... although all dogs are perfect.) Coco Libre Sparkling sources young coconuts from Vietnam- a region famous for inherently sweet coconuts. No added sugar is needed to make the taste bright and delicious. For coconut purists, you'll love the Coastal Coconut flavor, but others who heart a little fruit flavor can pop a can of Lime, Watermelon, Melon Grapefruit, Passion Mangosteen, and Peach Pear- all derived from real fruit juices.  

Since we love the taste of natural ingredients, we don't mess with what goes into Coco Libre Sparkling (except adding some bubbles!). Each flavor blends a sweet, tropical, and earthy essence with just enough fizzy crispness for a total-taste harmony. *Cue the angelic choir.  

Keep Hydrated & Make It Fun! 

You know that Saturday-morning mimosa feeling? We make hydration that feels more like that.  

Drinking a plastic gallon of water isn't fun. But "hydration" shouldn't feel like a health assignment. It's a celebration! Coco Libre Sparkling believes when we make the everyday fun, with the spirit of popping a bottle of champagne, we enjoy, satisfy, and treat ourselves better in the long run.