Light, crisp, and no floating chunks, Coco Libre satisfies your thirst and keeps you hydrated without artificial or synthetic additives. Because we believe in human drive- thirst- having an appetite for better. Being #thirsty isn't bad... if you're willing to put in the work.  

Coco Libre. Satisfy the thirst. Here's what makes our coconut water the best... 

Pure Coconut Water, No Concentrate 

Coco Libre listened to coconut water drinkers around the world who were thirsty for real coconut products that taste light, authentic, and satisfying. That's why Coco Libre is single-source, pure coconut water not from concentrate.  

Our coconut water is bottled directly from young, green coconuts in Vietnam, and therefore needs no added sugar. Young coconuts are notoriously sweet. Other coconut waters with added sugar use mature coconuts and have to mask the bitter, acidic taste.  

Nature, you're sweet enough, babe.   

Coco Libre's newest coconut water takes two coastal fruits and combines them by infusing real watermelon juice with raw coconut water. The result is tropically sweet and uber hydrating. ICYMI: We don't add sugar either.  

Coco Libre is a premium coconut water product, but our healthy ties with farmers at the source allow us to keep the price in check. (Order that avocado toast and buy the good yoga pants.)  

A package of Coco Libre is only $2.49 per 11oz bottle. Cheaper coconut water is like a cheap tattoo- it's not worth it.  

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No Artificial Sludge  

You don't sweat your ass off in Pilates to drink artificial sludge. Coconut water naturally has a bit of sweetness, giving the taste a tropical lift.  

Coco Libre has the perfect balance of 70 calories and 18 grams of carbohydrates, making it go-to workout hydration. Not to mention, Coco Libre helps restore one of the most depleted nutrients in American diets... 

Potassium Boost  

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An 11oz bottle of Coco Libre has the potassium of a small banana. Yaas, baby! Get those nutrients. Real coconut water is naturally packed with potassium, making it perfect for post-workout. Sports drinks typically have added sugar and almost no potassium.  

Chilled coconut water satisfies thirst and can increase your intake of important vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients. Boss babe executives swear by raw coconut water as a part of their workout and nighttime routines- especially if you don't get enough fruits and vegetables (guilty...).  

So go ahead, pour coconut water over your life.  

Non-GMO, Gluten-Free, Fat-Free... 

Sharing the magic of real coconut water is sweet when it's clean as coconut water can be. Coco Libre is non-GMO, gluten-free, fat-free, cholesterol-free, and purely delicious. Hi, we're the perfect package.  

Speaking of packaging... 

Only Recyclable Bottles  

We did some soul-searching in the past few years.

Coco Libre switched from those cardboard boxes to re-sealable recyclable plastic. Surprisingly, those cardboard boxes don't recycle well (it's easy to be fooled by the appearance). When recycled, those boxes are turned into more boxes but require a constant supply of fresh materials for their manufacture, including wood, oil, and aluminum. Meaning they aren't that green.  

Our solution: Coco Libre's new recyclable plastic bottles. We find these bottles keep up with your busy lifestyle better anyway.  

Real coconut water drinkers weren't happy with cardboard boxes based on their durability and other issues. Coco Libre bottles, however, can be beaten up in your bag, kicked across the fitness studio, and be used as a convenient water bottle. The voluptuous curve in the center is easier to hold and a shark fin on the cap cracks the freshness seal.  

People Love Us, NBD 

Coco Libre has a reputation for being natural, premium, and loved by coconut water drinkers who value genuine ingredients with a satisfying taste.  

Are we blushing or is that watermelon on our face? 

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