More people are seeking a social life without alcohol. Dubbed the "sober social" or "sober curious" movement, alcohol-free experiences have popped up around the country providing platforms and spaces to mingle and hang away from the bar.   

Among the top reasons booze-free social events have gained popularity are 1) consumers putting a higher premium on health, 2) feeling better and more in control, 3) alternative means of unwinding like CBD products, and 4) socializing as your most authentic self.  

From Los Angeles to NYC, morning raves to group meditation, here are 5 fun ways to socialize without alcohol.  

    Dance Raves 

Hundreds of people show up to the early-morning dance parties held by Daybreaker- a sober social experience held across 25 cities. Hosted around the world, Daybreaker starts with an hour of yoga and fitness, followed by a dance rave. A blend of wellness, self-expression, and mindfulness, this alcohol-free experience can be enjoyed before you clock into work, and even replace your torturous am workout. 

    Variety Shows 

A mix of live music, group meditation, short films, and more make up the volunteer-run variety show, The Shine. Currently in Los Angeles, New York, and London, The Shine hosts unique monthly events where hundreds of attendees engage in meaningful conversations and connections beyond booze. Past speakers include DJs, comedians, authors, advocates, musicians, filmmakers, poets, founders, artists, and dancers.  

    Mocktail Bars 

So you dig the bar scene but want to cut back on booze. Check out a bar specializing in nonalcoholic cocktails or 'mocktails.' New bars have founded around the principle of 0 ABV drinks, like Listen BarGetaway Bar, and The Other Side. Meanwhile, bars that still serve alcoholic beverages have reserved full sheets on their menu reserved for nonalcoholic bevvies, like The Barn and Summer House Santa Monica. Consumers in every city should be able to find at least one bar specializing in mocktails, and many craft cocktail lounges will make one off-the-cuff if you ask. Get all the experience of a bar while feeling great the next morning.   

    Meet-up Clubs 

What has often been referred to as the age of 'wine mom' clubs, people who want to meet up and chat without the chardonnay can join sober groups like Club SÖDA NYC. Hosting high-vibe events, Club SÖDA NYC offers retreats, panels, writers groups, and yes, even discos.  

    Family Dinners 

More specifically Conscious Family Dinner, a reoccurring event hosted by Integral Fitness where food, play, music, and emotional fitness exercises turn the sober evening into a fun night of socializing. Attracting those interested in living more consciously, this 'family dinner' is all about connection and learning to play like a kid again. Others refer to it as "a spiritual house party."