Búcha Live Kombucha breaks habits. Búcha believes when you break habits you move toward the professional and personal titles you want to experience in life; the caregiver, bombshell, CEO, handstand yoga master. Be them all or be none. Here's how Búcha kombucha help you get there...

Certified Organic with No Artificial Junk

Búcha believes believes in ingredient, sourcing, and health-benefit transparency. In the kombucha category, other brands have been slammed with lawsuits for mislabeling and misrepresenting ingredients and antioxidants.

We believe raw is real.   

See those floating "jellyfish" at the bottom of the bottle? Those are natural, edible byproducts from kombucha's fermentation and can be consumed or spit out. The reason soda doesn't have gel-like floaters it because it's made of modified, "dead" ingredients.  

Búcha starts with clean water and a base of organic black tea and organic Rooibos tea. Black tea is coveted for its rich antioxidant properties and the ability to remove free radicals and decrease cell damage. Never heard of Rooibos? Búcha chose this native African plant for its powerful antioxidants and clean caffeine.  

Búcha's flavor is uplifting. Mixed with unique yet approachable citrus and fruit notes like Yuzu, Blood Orange, Guava, and Pomegranate, our kombuchas won't confuse you with conceptual flavor names. What you read on the label is what you get.   

Unlike sodas and sports drinks, Búcha believes in ingredient, sourcing, and health-benefit transparency. In the kombucha category, other brands have been slammed with lawsuits for mislabeling and misrepresenting ingredients and antioxidants. We simply don't see the point of hiding what's inside. We not only believe that raw is real, but raw is right.  

Búcha is vegan-friendly, gluten-free, and packs live culture probiotics- the good bacteria and yeast that aids in proper digestion, brain function, and longevity.  

It's Non-Alcoholic  

Bucha beachWe take our ABV seriously at Búcha.  

Búcha has never been charged for mislabeling alcohol content but other kombucha brands have dropped the ball in the past, recalled and charged for mislabeling alcohol content or increasing the amount. One brand allowed more than twice the legal amount of alcohol without telling consumers, and we aren't cool with that.  

Búcha knows kids, teens, pregnant women, seniors, and everyone in-between drink our kombucha, and we pride ourselves on keeping it safe.  

Búcha is non-alcoholic and will not get you schwasty. Our unique triple-filtered large-brewing and batching process mean increased consistency in delivering safe alcohol by volume (ABV) in every bottle. 

Búcha is below the 0.5% of trace alcohol outlined by federal law and will never alter your mind, body, or mood in the way alcohol does. Meaning you can Búcha early mornings, mid-day at the office, and getting your sweat on.  

On behalf of the entire kombucha category, Búcha is taking responsibility for ABV and leading by example, showing that all kombucha brands can brew with attention and care to ABV.  

Feeling a buzz after drinking your Búcha? That's your body's way of saying it's taking in nutrients, and it's good! 

"Hard Kombucha" with intentionally raised ABV has been the latest trend in the category, welcoming kombucha to the Happy Hour scene. These kombuchas contain as much alcohol as a beer or glass of wine. But hard kombuchas can't be called "healthy" due to their alcohol.  

Búcha isn't adding booze to our booch. We're happy where we are, giving your body a drink known throughout history for being a health elixir.  

It Has Live Culture Probiotics 

Búcha is proud of its hard-working live cultures. Blending elements from traditional kombucha brewing with cutting-edge modern tweaks, Búcha's large-batch practice gives peace of mind that each bottle has the same range and high quality of colony-forming units (CFUs).  

Say whaat? 

Búcha has about 2 billion CFUs at batching, which we list on the Ingredients under Bacillus subtilis. It's the only ingredient you'll have trouble pronouncing, but all you need to know is this live culture acts as a probiotic without being too extreme on your stomach.   

Búcha wants to support improvement in your digestive tract, play a role in boosting your immune system, fighting infection, and improving the health of what experts call your "second brain." Aka, your gut.  

As a general rule, a probiotic should provide 1 billion to 10 billion CFUs.  

Since Búcha is brewed to be indulged, we never want drinkers to worry about having "too much." Our active cultures are mild to be enjoyed by all ages, and Búcha's low acidity and near-obsolete vinegar taste make it an easy and palatable swap for soda.  

A Bridge for Soda and Juice Drinkers 

Búcha supports people who want to quit soda and dump juice. We're a catalyst for making healthier choices that result in feeling stronger, more confident, and sexy in your skin.  

Búcha is realistic about how difficult it is to break a soda habit, which is why our kombucha acts as a gateway to a healthier overall lifestyle. (Yes, there's room for donuts.) 

Búcha is loved for being a sweeter-tasting kombucha, thanks to the organic raw cane sugar used in every batch. Sugar is essential for fermenting kombucha, and not an afterthought to sweeten up the drink. Our goal is to make swapping soda for Búcha feel like a treat, not a sacrifice. 

Búcha is a reward that packs a one-two punch of taste and body/mind benefits.  

Soda has more than double, sometimes triple the amount of sugar than Búcha, derived from high fructose corn syrup (bleh!) and other artificial flavorings that rot your body from the inside out. Soda also has three to four times more calories. And they're all empty. Even compared to other leading kombuchas, Búcha has the lowest calories per serving (along with sugar and carbohydrates).  

But Búcha doesn't want to be zero-calorie because that simply isn't real. No-calorie diet sodas are sludged with artificial sweeteners, worse for your health than classic soft drinks and toxic to gut bacteria. (Screw that.) 

Búcha has studied the psychology of habits and the unconscious brain pathways of "cue, routine, reward," and as a result, Búcha was created to slip into the soda pathway and detonate the bad habit from within. We do it by resembling the effects of soda, only with organic and better-for-you ingredients. A dash of sugar, clean and minimal caffeine, and fizzy bubbles. The health kicks are a bonus. Búcha also holds an industry-leading 12-month shelf life to keep consumers from wasting money on booch gone bunk. No refrigeration is required before opening, making it easy to stock up like a soda.  

Búcha is not only a drink but a gateway to healthy habits and living stronger.  

5 Uplifting Flavors 

bucha dunes

Búcha likes to keep things adventurous with five distinct and invigorating flavors:  

Yuzu Lemon, Raspberry Pomegranate, Blood Orange, Grapefruit Sage, and Guava Mango.  

We feel five is the perfect number-enough to keep things fresh each day of the workweek, and exclusive to show we really (really) care about taste. Búcha isn't about being relevant one month of the year and we don't release a flavor unless we stand behind the taste 100-percent, 365-days.  

Instead of flushing the kombucha market with flavor combinations that really don't vibe, we believe in flavors that are both exotic and approachable, east and west, earthy and nectarous. And always fresh.  

Some kombucha gets a bad rap for smelling and tasting like apple cider vinegar. This sour and tangy aroma is a result of fermentation. Búcha works tirelessly to brew a kombucha that is not too sour, acidic, or heavy. And it works. Búcha has turned kombucha haters into booch-believers from its refreshing low-vinegar palate... that won't explode over your clothes or kitchen, leaving surfaces stained and wreaking.  

Búcha has a crisp sparkling texture that, even when shaken, doesn't foam over the lip, unlike other brands. Our unique brewing method allows the playful bite of carbonation to balance and sustain after days of resealing the cap.  

bucha bottleSustainable Bottles, Clean Labels, and More Affordable  

Modern, posh packaging makes the voluptuous Búcha bottle instantly recognizable. We love promoting natural curves! We keep our labels clean and easy to read so you can understand what's inside and see with your own eyes the good fermented tea.  

Búcha opts for glass to do our part in eliminating the use of plastics, and each beautifully-made bottle holds two servings in a push to do away with small drink-and-toss containers.  

The cinch in the center of the bottle makes it easy to hold on treks to the beach while the minimalist label and artistic curve is suited for elegant celebrations and clean spaces.   

Búcha has an approachable price point, being a more affordable kombucha and saving you on average $1-$2 dollars per bottle over other brands. We believe a drink with the benefits of kombucha should not have a barrier of entry. While maintaining the quality of our ingredients and brewing, Búcha does everything possible to keep our booch accessible.  

At 16 oz per bottle, Búcha is one of the most affordable luxury kombuchas on the shelf. No big deal, but big deal.  

Booch that Gives a S***

Kombucha that gives a s*** about your health. At the same time, we aren't going to tell you to throw away your TV, meditate for two hours, and say "namaste" when you greet everyone.  

We promote lifestyles that balance indulgence, hard work, grit, mindfulness, and celebration. Búcha wants to propel your exploration of a healthier you.  

So kom Búcha with us. It's a wild ride.