'NHANCED Recovery

What is 'NHANCED Recovery?

'NHANCED Recovery is a carbohydrate-rich preoperative hydration beverage that promotes improved surgical outcomes when used as part of the larger ERAS protocol.

What are the components of an ERAS protocol?

The ERAS protocol varies slightly depending on the surgery, but the emphasis of the protocol is on pain management, nutrition & hydration (that's where we come in), and patient education prior to, and after surgery.

Why is the preoperative hydration beverage important?

Using a comprehensive hydration solution prior to surgery decreases the surgical stress related to hunger & thirst, anxiety, and provides important metabolic advantages. Clear liquid carbohydrate-loading with an ERAS-specific beverage improves insulin sensitivity and decreases the risks of high postoperative blood sugar levels.

In addition, inflammation and oxidative stress contribute to length of hospitalization and patient morbidity. In short, it improves the overall experience for the patient, while decreasing the likelihood of complications.

What issues are addressed by your 'NHANCED Recovery beverage?

The ingredients and combinations included in the formulation are based upon nutritional and antioxidant science. 'NHANCED Recovery is intended to support the critical goals of the ERAS protocol, including:

1. metabolic support by reducing insulin resistance and muscle catabolism;

2. diminish fasting-related hunger, thirst, dehydration and stress;

3. improve immune function with lower wound infection rates;

4. decrease oxidative stress and inflammation;

5. reduce postoperative nausea, vomiting and other complications;

6. lessen preoperative morning headache in heavy coffee drinkers;

7. decrease length of stay and hospital costs;

8. enhance patient satisfaction, functional recovery and quality of life.

What are the ingredients in 'NHANCED Recovery?

In order to maximize the beneficial health effects, ‘NHANCED Recovery combines a broad spectrum of micronutrients (from multiple sources) in nine distinct categories including:

1. carbohydrates

2. hytonutrients

3. electrolytes

4. mineral co-factors

5. dietary vitamins

6. antioxidants

7. amino acids

8. nucleotide subunits

Why is 'NHANCED Recovery more beneficial than other commercial beverage options?

'NHANCED Recovery utilizes a complex formulation of ingredients to reduce perioperative physical stressors and neuropsychological factors, and provides a more comprehensive science-based micronutrient approach to preoperative hydration. For example, many commercially-available products employ maltodextrin as the carbohydrate source. This polysaccharide is artificially processed from starch (usually corn or rice) and has a high glycemic index that may lead to spikes in blood glucose level. It also may be associated with undesirable bloating and flatulence

What exactly does ERAS mean and why is my healthcare provider suggesting it?

ERAS is an acronym for 'Enhanced Recovery After Surgery', an emerging concept in patient management that refers to the implementation of a specific set of preoperative protocols. Institution of ERAS protocols has been scientifically shown to promote to better patient outcomes, when implemented correctly.

How did the use of ERAS protocols originate?

In the context of over 320 million operations performed annually, about 25% are still associated with patient complications. The approach originated in Europe and has recently spread to North America and Asia. Following substantive scientific research and support, ERAS protocols are becoming a pillar of patient management.