Coco Libre Original

Why are 'young' coconuts preferred?

Young coconuts are especially prized for their water because they produce sweeter, more delicate-flavored water than more mature coconuts.

Where are Coco Libre's coconuts sourced?

The coconuts are sourced directly from young, coastal coconuts in one specific coastal region (single origin) in Vietnam. The coconut water is then immediately bottled directly at the source to ensure optimal taste and freshness.

What kind of sugar is in Coco Libre coconut water?

There is no added sugar in Coco Libre Sparkling. All of the sweetness is naturally occurring, coming from the coconut water itself and pure fruit juices.

Why does Coco Libre coconut water appear yellow?

Coconut water often appears slightly yellow in color. This doesn't mean the product has expired or is spoiled, but rather that it is pure coconut water with nothing added to it to adulterate the product.

Where do the electrolytes come from?

The electrolytes are naturally occurring in the coconut water.

When is the best time to drink coconut water?

Coconut water is best enjoyed at any time during the day and even at night. However, as a low-calorie, enzyme and mineral-rich beverage that delivers an instant boost of energy, it is especially great to drink early in the morning on an empty stomach, before or after a workout, pre and post-meals, before going to bed, and even as a remedy to getting rid of a hangover.