Corporate Social Responsibility

NewAge, Inc. is a purpose-driven company, and we believe our commitment to being an agent of change on a global scale extends beyond our core function of providing health-driven products. Safeguarding the environment is a responsibility we all share. For our part, we are undertaking ambitious operational and organizational changes to protect, sustain and renew resources and we are actively calling for others to follow our lead.

Natural finite resources are shared by everyone and must be preserved for people today and for generations to come. We envision a future without waste. For example, this means both increasing recycling rates and identifying alternatives to existing packaging options. It also means sharing pertinent information that helps our suppliers, Brand Partners and consumers act more sustainably.

We remain optimistic that solutions are not only possible but within sight. Doing good for our planet is no longer just about doing the right thing; it's good business. For the continued growth of our company, it is imperative for our business that we weave this responsibility through our entire organization, at all levels. From these global challenges, we see opportunity to innovate, by creating new products and services that delight our consumers; at the same time reducing our global environmental impact and measuring our success.

[NewAge Global Environmental Policy]
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